Pursue to Paradise is a memoir, biography of a single Canadian woman, with a son, journeying through Costa Rica with a full bag of talents and a deck of cards, that  sustained her, to reach her full potential as a human being.  With the economic down turn and society's negative feedbacks, she embraced reality and forged ahead with integrity, happiness and firm stability of who she is and became to be; regardless of the usual bubble system feedback, that we all normally hear.  The message here, is to shed some light onto a large majority of people who say they can't find work, which seems to be the biggest cop out around lately!  The human race can change their mindset from this story.  Costa Rica is catering to the baby boomers and will continue to guide Canadians and others, to the land of paradise, and this fun factual story is the real nitty gritty of just how one can really learn entrepreneurial skills forced out of survival; and stop complaining about how they are out of work; or can't seem to find a 'JOB' because that is the ultimate excuse to go nowhere to lazy land.  Hold the dream is the message of this book.  Believe who you are and want to be, because the shift of humanity is just about to unfold.  Join the movement of this message in "Pursue to Paradise".  This is a fantastic time to re-learn and be alive!

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A riveting journey into one woman's’ path of sexuality.  Exploring the truth of pure erotic pleasure.

Untangled, unedited comments and simply revealing the naked facts of the human capacity to explore healthy eroticism.


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The fantastic art of assisting the female organic  orgasm

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This is the second volume in the series "Unveiled".  The character continues to peel away and unraveling the ties of stifled sexuality that society strapped on her.   Arduous as it was at times; she prevailed to no end; and listened only to her Goddess!  Enjoy the ongoing saga of a woman in pursuit of female healing and delivering it to the world.