Tantra Companion/Travel  Rituals

Customized day long & weekend Dakini companion as well as learning retreats are specified below.   Your days and weekends comprise of morning meditation, tasty nutritious meals to suit your dietary needs, a naked Hatha Yoga segment, prolonged body discovery explorations, teaching oriented conversation time, sensual bath pampering , evening ceremonies and  other items which I will co-ordinate for your personalized experience.  Accommodations are included.  These below apply to me venturing out to you. Please note, these donations reflect traveling outside of Toronto, with luxury accommodations, and my full itinerary described above. For outside of the province or Country, please note: Due to travel costs, donations for Costa Rica, LA, New York or else where, are also subject to assessment.   When I am departing from Toronto, specifically for you & your session, I must arrange for travel costs and accommodations. If I am already in your area,  then I add $200 onto my regular sessions due to travel sessions; go to the sessions page for the donation list of sessions and add the surcharge. These outside of the Country arrangements, will also be discussed verbally  beforehand by phone or skype, so we have a starting point for your session, in order to customize it.  I can customize any request you may have.

Customized Deep Teaching Overnight -  Toronto, New York / LA   

3,000  +++++

Full evening to morning or Full day


Costa Rica - sliding scale - $2000 - $2500


                      Customized Deep Teaching - Toronto, New York / LA                              

                                                               3,500 +++++

                                                       Full morning to evening


                               Costa Rica - sliding scale - $2500 - $2800


               Customized Deep Teaching Weekend Long - Toronto New York / LA

                                                                6,000 +++++

                                        Saturday morning to Sunday evening

                                    Costa Rica - sliding scale - $2800 - $3000




                Customized Deep Teaching Weekend Long - Toronto, New York / LA

                                                              6,500 +++++

                                            Friday evening to Sunday evening

                                    Costa Rica - Sliding scale - $3000 - $3500

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Note:  All deposits are non - refundable



$500 – 1.5 hours           Overnight intimacy $3000 (6p.m - 6a.m)


$650 – 2 Hours              Weekend Retreat $6500 (Fri - Sun)


$900 – 3 hour Lunch date


$1100 – 4 hour dinner date                        


$1300 – Daytime interlude (noon to 5p.m)