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  Dakini Marissa Travels

Our world is our home and we must not keep the rooms closed up.  Goddesses may open any door within her home, and enter when she feels like rightfully moving around her space.  We offer travel options for seekers who can not come to Toronto, Ontario, Canada or take the journey to Costa Rica, Central America.

To make arrangements you must speak personally to Dakini Marissa by phone or Skype.  You can also inquire by e-mail.

When I travel out of the Toronto area, but within a 4 hour radius, and deliver  a 2 - 3 hour tantra session: That is a complete day.  Sliding donation  is 1,000 - 1,500 depending where you are and it is within Ontario.

We discuss beforehand  your personal ritual that you will have with me outside of Toronto or Ontario, as well as Canada.  This is explained in the link  above traveling to you.  Also explained is my  weekend retreat page, which are travel arrangements for longer stays in Toronto, outside of Ontario & Canada.

Toronto City Limits -  going out to you + $100

skype: hiddenparadise

Directly @ 416 556 2647

10 min Consultation:  (discuss travel time and personalize your session)

All arrangements are booked in advance with a minimum deposit of half the donation (non -refundable) for your ceremony.


Traveling  outside of Ontario regularly .  A deposit for half of your Customized Ceremony must be made (non -refundable) prior,  to secure your ritual. Refer to the weekend retreat page to secure your appointment. Check monthly for my  updated schedule

Open to flexibility - Call to arrange

Email Me