Nuru Experience is not Tantra - Click For Nuru                                 

                                   Beginners Tantra            1  hr   $300.00

                                  Prolonged  Tantra    1.5    hrs   $400.00         


               Interactive with Bath Ceremony/Exotic Fruit -  2hrs  $700.00

                                    Yoni Worship Ritual    2hrs       $850.00

                     Intimate discussions - outside of studio    hr  $150.00

                    Shadow Tantra - Click Here

                     Ongoing Coaching Packages - Click Here

  Two Sessions below apply - For Couples - Under professional coaching

                       Beginners          1.5      hrs                   $550.00

                        Couples   (Interactive)       2 hrs     $750.00

          Each Session there is a sacred disrobing of attire that takes place

                     A  $75  travel fee is applied within Toronto (depending on the area).  Before all sessions, a shower, consultation and meditative yoga takes place.  All ceremonies include the giving of fruit and before you depart, a fresh drink and gift is given.

    24 hour notice works best; or by noon the same day

Hours For Ceremonies - 7 days Weekly  7:30 a.m -  last appointment @ 9p.m

                                        Skype us @ hiddenparadise

Realizing that life is at times unpredictable and events beyond our control may happen, all that is ask of you is your consideration and compassion.  Before making an appointment, please be absolutely sure that you intend to keep it. If you can not, a cancelation, long before your appointment is respectful.   You have put the time and donation aside for your journey and you deserve 100% of my energy & dedication in order to experience

Professional  Disclaimer - Click Here

Personal Fantasies, Dom / Sub or "Dark Tantra" (which is NOT sex) May be available by assessment/donation adjustment.  Understand that intimate lovemaking skills, has nothing to do with sex .  Do not ask me for it.  This practice deals with seekers wanting to learn those skills (connected with love, not sex), evolve within their own sexuality either within themselves or  with their  partner, and if not with their partner,  you will be guided by me, (Marissa), to learn  & take those tools home with you to your partner.  I am your  Professional Coach in this healing discipline of pleasure.  If you’re confused, questions will always be answered  - feel free to call direct;

I will spend 5 or so minutes with you.

2 Goddesses

The studio rest room is stocked with natural body soap & shampoo which is better for you and better for the environment. Offering organic beverages and fruits in addition to filtered water.  My lotion is hand made, safe, organic and fragrance free. 

Note:  If you are a client who experienced a session when donations were less, be aware,  your prices will remain the same, always

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Payment Methods 

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Now accepting Bitcoin

All sessions have incorporated, blended techniques of the Quodoushka Sexual Healing  practices or Hot Stone Healing Techniques with Naked Yoga.  I spend free time as well after each session to connect your thoughts with me on the ceremony journey.  All sessions begin with “The Wheel of Consent”

Donations Below are Toronto - see calendar for travel donations

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Extremely Thriving & Serene Oasis, healthy and private, step into paradise and away from the hectic urban pace; on St Clair, west of Spadina

Land Line:  416 556 2647 



Recommended by a Professional Doctor for hands on Sexual Healing -  Reference is Available upon request

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