My Motto For Life!

Eat well and maintain a positive attitude towards life.  Get enough sleep and practice healthy sexual energy, daily.  Supreme self care. Giving back to a sacred intimate, of choice, monthly.

INTIMACY,  is a “MUST” and comes to me by nature, as  I was born under the ruling sign of LOVE, which is VENUS. Love is upon us finally; as of December 3rd, 2012, and is not going away & neither am I!  The universe has given me a gift, which I realized many years ago and I must take it and delivery it to you all, with my practice.  It is my duty to do so.  My clients connect instantly, because of my natural feminine gift.  You WILL experience that in your session in order for your personal sexual vibrations to feel LOVE and reach ultimate ecstasy.  The world desires ultimate feminine energy, my forte.

Recommended by a Professional Doctor for hands on Sexual Healing Reference is available upon request

I am also available as a Speaker and Workshop Facilitator for Groups, Conferences, Special Events, and Parties.

Those who know me know that I am incredibly passionate about my work. I absolutely love teaching people about their sexuality and guiding them through the transformation of a mediocre sex life to an experience of embodied pleasure that is beyond what they could have imagined. 


Our mission is to dispel sexual shame through education and to allow you to feel comfortable both as a giver and receiver of sensual pleasure.


Through my own journey of sexual healing towards wholeness and expanded pleasure, I have come to believe that there is a lot more to sex than what our culture has led us to believe. I am committed to teaching you a body of knowledge that is about sexual wholeness, that dispels myths and leads you to the truth about your body. My teaching is a combination of my own self work and draws on everything from ancient tradition to modern day sexology. My students are willing to commit to creating sexual wholeness and healing and exploring what is erotically possible. There really is no limit.

I look forward to hearing from you and I know that I will inspire more intimacy and pleasure in your life.

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